Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A post NOT about homeschooling! Chloe's Multicultural day

This, I suppose, is what people MY age would call a "Christmas Program" Minus the Christmas of course (wink) this is the 21st century! :) Anyway, it was a great joy to spend the evening at my daughters' school this evening watching Chloe sing and seeing what all the students have been learning about.

OH, and to get off the topic, i wanted to add that i'm so bummed that i've not been able to post what we've been up to lately! its been so so soooo much fun! Nik is studying electricity and hopefully robots this month, and also is working on his comic book art, as we are taking a break from the regular routine for the annual tradition of "December school" and Leif is working more casually with Time-4-Learning, while i still have not figured out what level he's at! DANG homeschooling a neurotypical child is a BREEZE!!! Hoping to get it together soon and be able to post more. i've been busy virtually every second of the day.

Ok, so here's some clips of the songs Chloe performed.

And some pictures <3

This is Chloe's class' display.

And these are the art projects chloe made! Isn't she talented?? she's got such great style...

And here's Little miss Annabeth's project!

Cool huh? it was a very fun evening, and very well done, both by students and staff! I'm glad my girlies are doing so well in school!!

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