Saturday, July 6, 2013

Bill's Fishin' hole in Orting Wa. (My friend Leiloni's sons' birthday party)

So, we've attempted fishing before...  and it didn't end all that well, other than seeing some cool specimen that other's caught.  So when Leiloni invited us to her sons' Asher and Judah's birthday party at Bill's fishin' hole, we were all SUPER excited to go!  

As always, going anywhere with Ash is a challenge.  Our amount and diversity of outings has decreased greatly since Ash Got older and more difficult to manage.  Right now at over 56 lbs (of pure bones muscles etc!) and not quite 4, he's quite a handful to manage.   Alex had opted to stay home for some peace and quiet and to do some programming, and so it was just Dad, Nik and I that could wrestle him, so we took turns with him.   It went fairly well.  

The drive to Orting was SPECTACULAR.  I've said it before and i'll say it again- we live in PARADISE! i totally want to move down to the rural area around here or buckley, or enumclaw... i do realize we'd be directly in Mt. Rainier's lahar flow, but I don't care.  Its amazing.  Going to the country is like entering a different world.  As we got close to Orting, i started taking pictures... 

We got to the farm and were immediately greeted by a chicken and 2 peacocks.  Leif is obsessed with chickens- he has been since he was a baby. So i got his picture with the chicken. 

Then we found Leiloni and the rest of the party, being fashionably late, as always :)  She had her hands very very full and i was sorry that most of my pictures ended up crappy and backlit, as i'm sure she didn't have a chance to get many... 

After presents and snacks, it was fishing time, so i took ash off, Andy, Elliott and Leif followed and we went to visit the sheep.  Ash kept saying 'sheep'  it was so cute 

Then it was my turn with ash, and we went off to hang out with the peacocks and do some bubbles.  I got a good selfie with me and my boy-mini-me. 

Then I passed off Ash to Nik and got to help with the fishing.  Let me say one thing- I am NOT a fisherman. my efforts were more effective in feeding the fish bait.  But thankfully Andy can pull it off, so all together we got 6 little ones.    

Leif, i made sure was able to catch his own, with both of us holding his rod.  He said to me tearfully, "i just want to catch some fish for my family!" so Leif caught 2 :) 

Chloe had a GREAT time, she's been wanting to go fishing for ages.  

I love this one! it was Andy catching "Anna's" fish... she is doing the happy dance over there on the right side of the picture :)

There's lots more good pictures, but if i ever expect to succeed at getting blogging done, i need to learn to keep it brief.  NOT my forte!  So i'll stop here.