Thursday, April 15, 2010

Stuff for sale!

Ok, so i'm trying to pare down and FIT the stuff we have coming for next year, right now they will barely make it into the schoolroom!!! so... have to post some stuff for sale! keep an eye out, will be adding as time permits.

Living books curriculum grade 3 teaching guide- in a 3 ring binder, excellent condition see this here just selling the guide, not all the books too. $40

Winter promise Animal worlds resources, includes
the tarantula in my purse,
the young reader's bible
Ed Emberly's drawing book of animals
One small square African Savannah
OSS Arctic tundra
OSS Coral reef
Draw write now animals and habitats
5 minute devotions
lost in the woods
Animal encyclopedia
animal alphabet coloring book.
Asking $65 plus shipping for the lot.

Winter promise Quest for the middle ages, Junior senior high guide new in package $50

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Important lessons learned.

I think its so important for those of us that do this job to maintain perspective. I am so feeling like there's not enough hours in the day. I've never felt like that before! Since we don't go a lot of places we have always had ample time for schoolwork to all get done, but this year... wow.. two babies at the same time consumes an INCREDIBLE amount of time. its CRAZY. And when confronted with 1. getting up early enough to get everything done, or 2. sleeping, lately, sleeping has been winning out. Mainly because i'm not very coherent without sleep, lately, i'm so disoriented that i'm having a hard time functioning.

this too will pass? Sure hope so. Over and out.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Our "Love one another" poster

Yesterday was Easter, and we created this poster based on the idea of Diane Hopkins at her blog

Its a poster about the things we love about each other, and it was our main Easter activity, since Jesus dying on the cross for each of us was primarily an act of love. here's ours (click on the picture to see it more closely!)

I think it got the point across pretty well!

Today was a HUGELY busy day. It was one of those busy days where there were times when i was frantically sitting, my brain whizzing around at warp speed, wondering what i needed to be doing, and finally coming up with a list of 3-5 things to START with. So we started the day with our usual, get up, get dressed, have personal devotion time, then after doing baby care stuff, i did school with Anna and Leif, (their preschool school- which i have annabeth do with leif even though she's in K/1st depending, because it is good for her to develop listening skills and extra art and stuff is FUN! she also does bookwork later in the day too) Anyway, we read a Richard Scarry story about building a house that ended up being full of children, it was very cool. Then we read a poem about puppies. Then i carried the building a house theme further and had them build a structure together with blocks, cooperating just like the people in the RS book had to cooperate to build a house. (harder than you might imagine in MY house!) and it worked beautifully! here's a pic

So that was a success. We did the rest of our schoolwork. History was a blast today, learning about Samurai and Shoguns, Nik was in history heaven, he LOVES that stuff. Anyhoo... should get back to life... just wanted to post our coolness for the last couple days...

One battle- MESS

Ok, so i've been RUNNING through this morning at breakneck speed trying to get everything done, knowing that i have a LOT more energy in the beginning of the week than at the end and that eventually i slow down and i need to get more done TODAY! Well, one obstacle that has really hit us hard is that of mess and losing books. I went to get the curriculum for little kid school, got it, looked at the books we needed, and then found the preschool basket half empty and both books needed were GONE. ugg. So went to the girls room to look for them, sure enough anna had brought several books to her room and not returned them. AND their room was a PIGSTY. UGG. I totally need to get dh to do the nightly inspection because i'm just zonked by then. This is a reminder to me to talk with him about that tonight!! What do you havef your dh do in your homeschool? does he teach certain subjects, does he do most of the discipline? how does he work to take some of the pressure off YOU, the homeschooling mom?


One of my MANY, MANY, goals, is to work on character training, particularily with Leif. This has been a REAL issue and tyrant boy has been ruling with a heavy hand around here. This AM went like this. I woke up at 6:10, made the WRONG choice to go back to sleep, then woke at 7:30 to Leif coming in and wanting to snuggle. BUT since i already had asher next to me, and Nikolas next to HIM, there was no room, so i just got up and held him on my lap sitting on the side of the bed. I cuddled him and kissed on him, and then asked him to get dressed.
Me- "Sorry bud! gotta get dressed first, now take your sleeper off....
Leif- "NOOOOOO!!! I don't WANT to take my sleeper off!"
Me- "You Don't have to WANT to take your sleeper off, you just have to DO IT!"
At this point i pushed him gently out the door because asher was waking up. Sigh... So went out to the living room, where Leif was playing a kid guitar and had woken up Elliott who was sitting in his crib grinning. I explained to Leif that he needed to obey mommy, and when mom asks him to do something, he needs to say "YES MAAM" and acctually DO IT! So i convinced him to actually DO IT, somehow... and then sure enough, Nikolas came out to the living room with Asher a bit later. thankfully it was enough time for me to finish half my Bible reading, the old testament part, still have the NT part to do.

Sigh... so here i am, diapers on both babies changed, need to get them dressed, need to make my bed and straighten up and wash bottles, and feeling a little overwhelmed. Hopefully i'll post the poster we made yesterday later if i have time!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Hello all! While watching our family movie tonight, i decided to move our homeschooling blog over here to Blogger. Right now its on, and while that's fine, my personal and scrappy blog are here, and it would be a lot easier for me to have all my blogs in one place, so here we go!

The downside is that homeschool blogger has lots of cute templates, and i'm a complete HTML dufus. But my oldest son helped me figure out how to make the top pretty, or pretty enough anyway!

So a little about me. My name is Rebecca, i'm married to Andrew, we have 7 beautiful children, aged 14-8 months. We have homeschooled since alex was in Kindergarten, about 10 years now. Homeschooling has become a lifestyle for us. While it certainly isn't always easy, (ie. this year, with 2 new babies joining our family!) We greatly appreciate the opportunities homeschooling gives us to spend lots of quality time together, to be our childrens' primary influences, and primarily, to unabashedly teach every subject from a solid Christian worldview. I know many Christians who love the public schools their children attend, and that's great, HOWEVER, public schools are legally required to teach from an atheistic worldview-- (separation of church and state my FOOT) Which is fine if you are an atheist family, but we are not. In addition, i've found that homeschooling has offered many academics, which are not our REASON for homeschooling, but they certainly don't hurt! I love how my oldest son at 14 is taking Calculus for math. And how my 3rd and 5th graders can work together in almost everything. Each child is created wonderfully different and has an array of gifts and weaknesses, and as a homeschooling mom, i am limited only by time in how i can respond to and nurture these beautiful people. That is a powerful thing, and i'm so grateful to have the opportunity to do so! Thanks for coming and please do offer any feedback if you have any!! Is there anything you'd add? change? Are there any blogs you think i should add to my recommended blogs area? Thanks again,
Wishing God's most bountiful blessings,