Monday, April 5, 2010

Our "Love one another" poster

Yesterday was Easter, and we created this poster based on the idea of Diane Hopkins at her blog

Its a poster about the things we love about each other, and it was our main Easter activity, since Jesus dying on the cross for each of us was primarily an act of love. here's ours (click on the picture to see it more closely!)

I think it got the point across pretty well!

Today was a HUGELY busy day. It was one of those busy days where there were times when i was frantically sitting, my brain whizzing around at warp speed, wondering what i needed to be doing, and finally coming up with a list of 3-5 things to START with. So we started the day with our usual, get up, get dressed, have personal devotion time, then after doing baby care stuff, i did school with Anna and Leif, (their preschool school- which i have annabeth do with leif even though she's in K/1st depending, because it is good for her to develop listening skills and extra art and stuff is FUN! she also does bookwork later in the day too) Anyway, we read a Richard Scarry story about building a house that ended up being full of children, it was very cool. Then we read a poem about puppies. Then i carried the building a house theme further and had them build a structure together with blocks, cooperating just like the people in the RS book had to cooperate to build a house. (harder than you might imagine in MY house!) and it worked beautifully! here's a pic

So that was a success. We did the rest of our schoolwork. History was a blast today, learning about Samurai and Shoguns, Nik was in history heaven, he LOVES that stuff. Anyhoo... should get back to life... just wanted to post our coolness for the last couple days...

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