Monday, April 5, 2010


One of my MANY, MANY, goals, is to work on character training, particularily with Leif. This has been a REAL issue and tyrant boy has been ruling with a heavy hand around here. This AM went like this. I woke up at 6:10, made the WRONG choice to go back to sleep, then woke at 7:30 to Leif coming in and wanting to snuggle. BUT since i already had asher next to me, and Nikolas next to HIM, there was no room, so i just got up and held him on my lap sitting on the side of the bed. I cuddled him and kissed on him, and then asked him to get dressed.
Me- "Sorry bud! gotta get dressed first, now take your sleeper off....
Leif- "NOOOOOO!!! I don't WANT to take my sleeper off!"
Me- "You Don't have to WANT to take your sleeper off, you just have to DO IT!"
At this point i pushed him gently out the door because asher was waking up. Sigh... So went out to the living room, where Leif was playing a kid guitar and had woken up Elliott who was sitting in his crib grinning. I explained to Leif that he needed to obey mommy, and when mom asks him to do something, he needs to say "YES MAAM" and acctually DO IT! So i convinced him to actually DO IT, somehow... and then sure enough, Nikolas came out to the living room with Asher a bit later. thankfully it was enough time for me to finish half my Bible reading, the old testament part, still have the NT part to do.

Sigh... so here i am, diapers on both babies changed, need to get them dressed, need to make my bed and straighten up and wash bottles, and feeling a little overwhelmed. Hopefully i'll post the poster we made yesterday later if i have time!!

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