Friday, April 5, 2013

Random school review- Wednesday 4-3-13

I haven't posted in ages.  we've had a lot going on!  I'm still loving the kids independent work folder system i posted about last time, and i'm working on re-integrating group school, as i think its SO important.  in group school, we read good books, do Bible study and discussion, talk about history, science, whatever our focus is. right now, its science.  The kids, Led by Nikolas just completed their unit study on electricity, finishing the Academy of Science for Kids kit which was entirely self motivated, and was super cool watching them run with their own interestes.    So Wednesday, which is the random day i'm blog reviewing- we read the book "Oil Spill" which i believe was Chloe's choice of younger kid science lit- i let each kiddo choose, rotating to let everyone have a turn, from our sizeable stash of let's read and find out books- which are AWESOME.  Then we read chapter 1 of "Ginger Pye" our new read aloud, then we read, i believe chapters 6 and 7 from Robert Boyle.  Its hard to put that book down! we are loving it.  

What i ws REALLY  psyched about with our reading is that lately, Annabeth has been hearing and comprehending at least bits of what we are reading.  That's such progress from NOTHING that has been up until now.  I kind of feel bad making her sit and listen, knowing she's not getting much out of it, but now i'm starting to really have hope, which is cool :) wayyyy beyond cool, it feels like a miracle.  (annabeth has severe APD and SPD)  Besides, she enjoys sitting and snuggling me anyway, so its a "win" regardless.  I haven't been getting her therapy done though, AAAK!!  :( 

I had hoped to get out the "europe" puzzle and work on that, to tie in with the Robert boyle book, but never did get around to it, plus they were occupied all afternoon with the science kit.  

We spent the WHOLE morning outside, it was Sooooo nice out, you can see Ash is enjoying himself in our storage thingy.   :) love that dude.