Tuesday, February 19, 2013

the latest organizational/motivational wonder in our lives...

So there have been major changes in the Kven household.  Thing 2 was having difficulty going to preschool.  he has autism, and at home requires 1 on 1 support.  the thought of keeping him home had not even crossed my radar as a possiblity, however, it was clear he needed it and after much discussion and prayer that it was what needed to be done.  And i have to say, though we still have some issues- like how to make dr. appointments and therapy appts. for the other kids happen, for example, our day to day life has been going quite well.  So anyway, i've been gradually shifting us toward more independent work, the plan being that if need be, all the work they really HAVE to do, could be independent.  Then i'll jump in when i can and do read alouds as Asher allows.

Well, while perusing the Well trained mind board yesterday I came across a post asking for little things that her kiddos could do that were educational to kill time.  That made me go hmmm.... and i came up with a vision- a new way to schedule that might actually work!   So i put together these folders.  Theyre these snap poly folders that you can get for a great price at target

i got on the computer and made a daily schedule that ended up looking like this.  the left column has the daily list of things that need to get done, then the bottom section has their main school work (which doesn't include dear time and any group stuff we do together- that we'll just do on the fly)   Then on the right is where they get to choose 3 items each day to do- the next day they chose 3 different items.  and so on.  here's one of them, completed! 

Isn't it pretty?? i'm so psyched that i figured out how to do colored shapes in word!! :)   Then i put them in a page protector, taped it on to the poly snap  folder that had any supplies they would need in there, and they can check off daily with a dry erase marker what they do!! 

I just had to post super quick, since i just had a second but i'm so psyched to not only START something cool but to FINISH it :)  

Ta Ta!