Sunday, April 4, 2010


Hello all! While watching our family movie tonight, i decided to move our homeschooling blog over here to Blogger. Right now its on, and while that's fine, my personal and scrappy blog are here, and it would be a lot easier for me to have all my blogs in one place, so here we go!

The downside is that homeschool blogger has lots of cute templates, and i'm a complete HTML dufus. But my oldest son helped me figure out how to make the top pretty, or pretty enough anyway!

So a little about me. My name is Rebecca, i'm married to Andrew, we have 7 beautiful children, aged 14-8 months. We have homeschooled since alex was in Kindergarten, about 10 years now. Homeschooling has become a lifestyle for us. While it certainly isn't always easy, (ie. this year, with 2 new babies joining our family!) We greatly appreciate the opportunities homeschooling gives us to spend lots of quality time together, to be our childrens' primary influences, and primarily, to unabashedly teach every subject from a solid Christian worldview. I know many Christians who love the public schools their children attend, and that's great, HOWEVER, public schools are legally required to teach from an atheistic worldview-- (separation of church and state my FOOT) Which is fine if you are an atheist family, but we are not. In addition, i've found that homeschooling has offered many academics, which are not our REASON for homeschooling, but they certainly don't hurt! I love how my oldest son at 14 is taking Calculus for math. And how my 3rd and 5th graders can work together in almost everything. Each child is created wonderfully different and has an array of gifts and weaknesses, and as a homeschooling mom, i am limited only by time in how i can respond to and nurture these beautiful people. That is a powerful thing, and i'm so grateful to have the opportunity to do so! Thanks for coming and please do offer any feedback if you have any!! Is there anything you'd add? change? Are there any blogs you think i should add to my recommended blogs area? Thanks again,
Wishing God's most bountiful blessings,

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