Friday, December 16, 2011

My crate project!

Ok, so i had the classic (in my house) dilemma- not enough bookshelves! We live in a 1250 sq ft house- all 9 of us, and we are CROWDED. To add to that, with an autistic 2yo we have to turn his room into a FORTRESS and he is the only one with his own room! but that means we are really really cramped for space, having had to turn the schoolroom into the girls room, and the girl's room into Asher's room. So... i decided to take the hall closet which is always a disaster and turn it into something functional.

Wanna see the disaster?? here it is!

What i WANTED to do was buy two of those 2x4 cube room seperator/bookshelves at costco but they are $125 each and there's only 3 left, so chances are about nill that when i have $250 they will still be in stock. so i decided to do a makeshift bookshelf with all the bazillion crates i have taking up valuable storage space in the shed! totally killed two birds with one stone.

Now, i was impatient, i probably should have just gotten zipties but when i couldn't 'find ours, i just used twine :)

So it is a bit messy but i don't care! i connected the crates that interlocked together neatly together, tying them togther in the front and back, and then connected the two rows of three the same way.

So, the finished product? here it is! it was hard to photograph, being in the hallway and all....


  1. Nice way to both economise and use the resources on hand!

  2. That is awesome! It looks so much more organized.

  3. Yeah! Nicely done. Did you find any more kids under that stuff? :)

  4. haha Lynn! i don't keep my kids in the closet, thank you very much!

  5. Great idea Rebecca, I may just do this with my hall closet that is in need of organizing!