Monday, November 14, 2011

~~November 2nd~~

So often we have a really fun day and I'll be too busy having a really fun day to post to my blog about it! its mostly when i'm introspective and reclusive and SAD that I remember to post! So i thought i'd gradually go back and post some of the fun times we've had in the past month and a half. So here's the first one!

The story:

So, We went to BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) that morning and parked in our usual spot, which had in front of us a strip of grass with gorgeous maple trees lining it. It was a bright sunny day, and by the time we left BSF, the fallen leaves had cascaded all over our suburban and left huge piles all around us of leaves. I buckled Ash in and Elliott and Leif ran around tossing leaves around maniacally. I let them continue for a while, marveling at their amazing childlike innocence and joy in the simplest things, and then remembered an empty reusable grocery bag that I had tucked into the back seat. I grabbed it and packed it full of leaves and brought it home.

When I posted to facebook about IMPORTING leaves into our yard, I got a lot of comments, mainly offers for homes with leaves that needed collecting :) Our house has NO trees and our neighbors have mainly pine trees, so my poor children are normally deprived the joy of jumping in leaves and playing with leaves. So we fixed, at least temporarily!

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