Monday, October 10, 2011

Leif's first day of homeschool Kindergarten!!!!

So despite being sick and drinking my vitamin C drinks like crazy, i'm feeling GOOD!!!! Leify is back home where he's happy... ahhh... and he's the most fun, most super smart and easy student ever!!!! The thing about Leif is, he has a really rigid need structure. He needs certain things and if he doesn't have them, he completely breaks down and shuts down. Its like no other child i've ever seen. One thing he needs- his mommy! CHECK, here i am :)

So anyway, I am sick right now, so my brain is fuzzy and i'm feeling really out of it, however, thanks to our wonderful one month trial of time-4-learning, the day was not lost!!! i had him start out with that, after doing some phonics pad (the letter "s") And found that he really really thrives on computer lessons. So he did about an hour and a half of that, and then i made him stop, because I don't think its a great idea for a 5yo to be on the computer all day!!! we did his phonics workbook page, and he had some playdough time, and later we did a lesson of verbal math which he took too like a duck to water, and called it a day!!! A good day!

Nik also had a great day. I need to check his journal to see what he learned about today, since i was very hands-off with him today, but he got everything on his list done! (he's SO dilligent!) including spelling, which I have to do, so it occasionally gets neglected, but not today, and he ACED it. I'm very very encouraged. He's doing level one of Sequential spelling and he has some major learning issues, probably dyslexia, which cause him to have a very very hard time with spelling but as i'm watching him work through his spelling words, i'm seeing him develop his own little tricks to making it work for him. And its working so well. Getting to see all this happen is such a miracle. Its such a blessing for me. I'm so grateful to get to homeschool my dudes!!!

Anyway, back to life, just had to share a tiny glimpse of our challenging, yet still successful day!!!


  1. Great! It's so cool to see Nik using his own initiative to work out learning tricks!

  2. Ahhh, Leif is home! I guess because he and Tarquin are "twins", we've all been so sad here at the stories of his school experience (we can just imagine how we'd feel if it were T). I can hardly wait to tell the children in the morning :-). You should make him a purple glittery paw for amazing excellency just to "take back the paw" ;-).

  3. ROFLOL! that's SO AWESOME Kim!!! take back the paw! LOL!!!