Monday, October 3, 2011

First day!!!!

So, sadly, (or happily, depending on your perspective) I was super busy all day actually DOING stuff that I barely got any pictures taken and they all stunk. But i'm posting them anyway!

We started out the day with several challenges. First, I was having some... discomfort.... you might say, so I was already feeling like i wanted to lay around all day- NOT gonna be happenin'! Secondly, Leif stayed home with us, sick, having had diarrhea all weekend, Nik was pretty down for the count too with nasty stomach cramps, and I was sick with a nasty cold, along with Alex (who went to college anyway, because you have to be half dead to skip college!!) and Elliott who had green boogers. All the little guys had fevers too :(

Another issue was since we had sickies we had to cancel asher's therapy, and Ash does not do well when we have to cancel therapy! he LOVES his "Gohgah" (Laura) and the structure she provides is awesome (along with his other buddies, Bryn, and Amie) So I knew it would be melt down city with asher, and it was, but i've noticed since having most of the kids in school, that if i can get through the first half of the day, naptime on is a breeze. So we did! I had Nikolas take the dudes for a walk in the morning while we waited for our landlord to come by and pick up rent, then we sat down and did some activities at the table. leif worked on some pipe cleaners and i tried doing this pipe cleaner and colander activity that I found on pinterest but it wasn't very Pinteresting, apparently, bwahaha... But as soon as i chopped up some apples they were all happy again, so it all worked out. They colored for a while and mingled and then i made sandwiches for dudes, and leftovers for nik and I, and we had lunch and put doodles to sleep. With a nice quiet house we were free to work in peace! i had Leif working on a really cool puzzle thing I got from timberdoodle called Pattern Play.

Doesn't that look like fun?!? It TOTALLY is. The one downside to it- its missing a small purple peice... sigh... and i've been SO careful to make sure Leif gets ALL the pieces put away when he has played.. sigh... Oh well, its still fun and the cards it comes with are stellar for helping him to visualize a design and then make it. He played with these through most of our school work and then cleaned it up into the nice cotton drawstring bag in which it came. I can't wait till I can place our next timberdoodle order! I love their toys.

So while leif played, we went over the 7 page Pdf I made for Goals for NIk's year, including basic subjects covered, goals, for him as a person and for each class. We talked about what curriculum we had, and what we'd be ordering.

We then proceeded to work on Science, lesson 1 on Apologia's General Science, a GREAT curriculum. It was a good lesson, Nik answered his on your own questions and wrote out his vocabulary definitions and then gave a quick summary in his notebook (which i'm encouraging him to do to help keep track of what he does each day, since much of his work is independent, then I'll have more of a clue what he's doing to report to his SLPC through MP3.

Next, we moved on to spelling, restarting Sequential spelling level 1. Nik has issues with spelling- BIG issues. I'm hoping this might stick a little better this time. We'll see! :)

Finally, he closed out his academic day with a lesson in history in Time4Learning.

At this point it was time to play with Bella (our neighbor's dog, and Nik's new job!) So he went and got Bella and he and Leif and the twins played ball with her while I cleaned up the house from the apparent tornado that whipped through it when I wasn't looking.

By this time the other children were coming home and after making them cookies, i went to my room and rested. I'm so tired today!

Overall though, i SO can't complain. It felt SO GOOD having my boys home today!!! I am so grateful to get to homeschool Nik again and will be looking forward so much to bringing the others home!!

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