Monday, October 17, 2011

another day at home.

Might I say that Leif is about the most fun child to homeschool EVER! He's so enthusiastic and learns so quickly. I still have yet to order, let alone receive his curriculum from MP3 yet, so in the meantime, i'm working with an ebook i got from curr-click for phonics, and the Shiller math curriculum we had left over from last year

and an extra horizon K part 2 workbook we have left over. We skipped to the second half of kindergarten because Leif is so advanced, and i'm really hoping i didn't miss anything! Here is a video- my very first video ever posted to a blog! with Leif working on his place value. He's proficient now at tens and ones and is getting there with hundreds. This is all oral- we've not done written work yet. The sound cuts out at the end, dumb camera.. I don't know why it does that :( Anyway, he was so cute i had to get it on video :)

Here's Leif working on his horizon math book

Then when Nik went out to do his Bella walking and playing with, we read two books aloud, the first one had a really sad ending-about a tree! and we were both sad. That's how well it was written! Then we lightened the mood with "Truman's Aunt farm" I think we'll read it again tomorrow, pronouncing "Aunt" like ant instead of awnt. Then we can talk about homophones, fun!

Finally, Leif ended his day with some painting. No curriculum, just fun.

I *LOVE* how he can be done by lunchtime or a little after and still have gotten a packed day of work in :)

This week i'm trying to transition us into doing the majority of the Organic homeschooling schedule that I purchase. Have you heard of it? here's a link I HIGHLY recommend this. Its mostly a super gentle program, using real books and whatever math and language you use. What I really like about it, is how it integrates the things that go south for me almost all the time- read alouds, art, music. I love having it all on ONE schedule, and its reasonable, not like my typical "bite off twice as much as I can chew" pattern of lesson planning :) I LOVE the recommended literature books, I love the music study, (we'll be studying Bach soon) and i love how i can integrate my little one and big one for much of it. (though Nik will still be doing his own Apologia general science- because its the BEST one out there!) Rumor has it that the website will be updated soon and be more in-depth which i'm looking forward to. Hoping for a message board! i'd love to collaborate with other users and share ideas!!

So that's it for me today, i'm hoping to post both last weekend's fun and the weekend before, since I didn't get to it in the chaos that was last week!

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  1. Cutie pie Leif! I'm glad homeschooling is going so well for him!