Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Win a FREE ticket to the UHSE!!

So I can completely relate to wanting to buy a ticket to the FABULOUS UHSE but not having the funds to do so. Let's just recap what your ticket includes- It includes all the audios, which you can even down load via an RSS feed through Itunes, which makes downloading the bazillions of audios much easier. In addition you get access to all the vendor's special sales and the mommy grab bag which is OUTSTANDING. It is so far above the retail value that you'd never guess that it only cost under $40. But when you are living paycheck to paycheck $40 is still a lot. Well Cindy Rushton was so generous as to offer my blog readers a chance to win a FREE ticket!!! But you need to enter soon as i'll be using to pick a random winner at 10pm Pacific time tonight!! To enter, Please post how you will be using your awesome audios if you win the ticket. I'll start I love to put Cindy's audios from previous years UHSE on my Ipod and use them when i'm doing my BORING walk around the cul-de-sak for exercise. It makes it go by much more quickly and occupies my mind!!! And again, here's the link if you'd like to learn more. UHSE 2010


  1. I saw you talking about this the other day, and heard about it last year but was skeptical about whether I would actually participate in the sessions. So, that's the main reason I haven't tried it out.

  2. Ok! so JoAnn is the winner! I'll drop Cindy a line and let her know you won!