Tuesday, May 4, 2010



I just got an email from my friend, Cindy Rushton. She was telling me all about her Ultimate Homeschool Expo. She has just finished adding all of the resources into the Ultimate Homeschool Expo virtual library. Actually, she is so "pumped" that she has just shared a sneak peek into her Membership Site.

You see one of the neat things about the Ultimate Homeschool Expo is that everything is ONLINE indefinitely. Cindy builds a private, exclusive Membership Site that includes everything from the UHSE in one place--it has audios (from all of the sessions and from the bonus gifts that her speakers give to us), ebooks, complete unit study guides, articles, printable notebooking pages, cookbooks, on and on. I can't believe all of the things that we receive for only $39.95. It is truly ULTIMATE!

Anyway, back to the reason that I am sharing with you...

Cindy just sent me permission to give you a sampler of one of her free gifts that is included on the Membership Site. I am so excited to give it to you! It is a audio and ebook set that she actually sells on her website, but she is giving away on the Membership Site. Here is the link:

Scheduling ABC’s Audio Workshop with Cindy Rushton

Let Cindy take you by the hand and show you secrets to
developing a schedule that works for you and your family!

Download by Mp3

Isn't that FUN?

You know the saying that a picture captures a thousand words,well...what about a a gift like this??? And, just think...this is only ONE of the awesome gifts included on the Membership Site. There are hundreds more!

Take my word for it, you will WANT to purchase this set and access all of the wonderful resources. Grab your ticket here:


And if THAT wasn't enough, i'm offering a special promotion for my blog readers. the FIRST person to sign up using my affiliate link and forward me your paypal reciept, will be refunded via paypal $20!!! (please allow a week for processing) Also any subsequent purchasers using my link and forwarding reciept will recieve a $10 refund. This is an OUTSTANDING deal. Gosh, even by itself the UHSE is an amazing bargain! hope you will take advantage of this great deal, or if you are unable that you will get on Cindy's email list and listen to the sessions live! they are AMAZING and she and her generous sponsors give away a TON of door prizes! i just won one this afternoon!

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