Sunday, May 16, 2010

Summer plans?

So, what do you all do for summer and homeschooling? I'll tell you how it goes for us: EVERY year, i say, "This year we are going to school through summer!" And EVERY year, I crash and burn. The fact is that "I" need a break over the summer!! BUT even though it always works out that way, Its still a very less than ideal situation. Trying to get back on the daily routine in September is SO hard, and really, they do SO much better when they have a schedule to follow! i always feel like i will get a break by nixing school, but then i spend half the day refereeing and dealing with attitude, kids doing stuff they aren't supposed to, WAY too much screen time.. Really, i don't think its fun for ANYONE.

So this is my plan. We are effectively spring fevered as i speak, and we finished Mystery of History, which is the the spine of Winter Promise "Quest for the middle ages" And we're not really feeling the love when it comes to the famous men of the middle ages, and i'm dissapointed at how fragmented and disjointed the program is. I am really a stickler on "Chronological" BEING "Chronological" and since we skipped doing a timeline this year (won't be making THAT mistake again!) the whole jumping around thing is just not working for us, so i'm going to have us start our summer schedule, which i need to write up, but basically, through the end of june, they will be doing their math, writing prompts, and we will alternate between a history and a science unit study, starting with Forensic Science, moving on to Amelia Earhard, and probably we'll have time for one more. I'll let them choose together. But the biggest focus is going to be on reading. I'm going to schedule two reading times a day, in hopes of getting everyone back into the reading habit.

then we are going to take July off because dh has 2 weeks vacation in July, and Grandpa Danny usually comes to visit, so we want to be available to do fun stuff and hang out with Grandpa. Until grandpa gets here we'll focus on home projects, continuing to organize and declutter, which is a constant battle.

So anyway, that's my plan! Does anyone have a summer scenario that you have planned?


  1. Usually, we are almost done by now but we've taken so much time off the last couple of months that we've got quite a bit left to do still. And, we have MAP testing to fit in between all of our other activities, then we're going to Portland the week after that. We'll probably be doing school into July. After that, though, we'll be taking the summer to just have, parks, zoo, etc.

  2. Nothing, nothing and more nothing. I usually end up doing summercare anyway. We will work right up until dress rehearsals start (midJune) then be done for the year.

  3. Normally we do more academic type stuff in the summer than the rest of the year. But next week D has horse camp 9-4:00. Then the 5 weeks after that is drama camp 9-noon though only Mon-Thurs. She'll also have afternoon dance camp one week overlapping with drama camp. She'll have 3 normal one hour evening ice skating lessons the first week of drama camp but after that she's going to have to take a break from ice skating for the rest of the summer much to her dismay. Then too, we have to use our wild waves passes on occasion. But there is nothing at all scheduled for month of August.