Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Today's theme- Geography

I wanted to touch on Geograpy since its been a long time since we'd covered it.  I was surprised to see how much they already knew despite formal instruction. Anna in particular was able to pick out continents, countries, etc.  My secret is, I put up a map on the wall in front of the toilet, works like a charm!  anyway, we read a bit from Layers of Learning and did some of the activities.  we

1.  Did continent quiz using the hall wall map.

2.  Next we talked about the physical features of a globe/map, skimmed through an atlas, and learned about hemispheres using and apple. (Thanks Layers of Learning!)

3.  Finally to close off the day of group school, we played "10 days in Africa"

Now it is time for math and language arts so I'll bring this to a close.  It was a fun morning.

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