Thursday, September 18, 2014

Today's theme- Astronomy

I'm still working out the kinks, but i plan to have one day a week of exclusive science content.  The first unit we're doing is astronomy, which has been eagerly anticipated and wildly popular.

Before starting, I gathered my supplies, gathered my peeps, and quickly formulated a plan for how the day would go.

So first, we read from our Layers of learning unit book which gave a good concise overview.  Then we read from the magic schoolbus book

Which was like information overload, but it did help with our next project, which was to draw your favorite planet and add information about it, (except for the 5yo who did saturn and the moon but didn't add info.  I also let the 2nd grader narrate to me)  We also learned the rhyme that I learned as a child about how to remember the planet order, except instead of "my very eager mother just served us nine pizzas,"  I had to adjust it due to pluto not being a planet to "my very eager mother just served us noodles."  NOT the same.  boo. 

So then we had book basket time, The 15yo continued working on his in more detail, and finally they are watching the tv show of the magic school bus to help it sink in better, since it was soooo much info.  Its working out to be a pretty sucessful day.  Now for math :(

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