Sunday, May 25, 2014

Our Family: an update.

So i haven't blogged in a long time.  Having had the realization of the effect of blogging, the nature of being exposed to the public, those who know you, or don't or wish you well or wish you ill.  All of these elements exist.  Its taken me a while to get past that so i've not been posting all the fun things we've been doing this year!

But so much has changed that I thought i'd post an update.

Asher-  Asher went back to preschool in November.  We just reached that point where we needed him to be in school if we were to get anything accomplished.  We are now struggling with his placement for next year.  Its so difficult sometimes.  But he's my special dude and i am so glad to have him.

Elliott- is a completely crazy smart, motivated dude.  He's writing his name with ease, he's practicing making words with writing and magnets and can draw absolutely adorable pictures.  He'll be homeschooled for K-4 next year.

Leif-Anna-Chloe-Nik-  are all doing well and will be homeschooled next year

Alex- Alex will be starting his first year at Seattle University!  a small (prestigious!) private university in Capitol Hill.  It will be his 3rd year toward his Computer engineering degree, having completed his AA next month.  Graduation will be June 12th from the CC, which i'm so excited about!

Its so weird having an adult child.  Its fun- but weird.

That's all for now, i'll start sharing pics and stuff again soon

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