Monday, September 9, 2013

The FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL pictures!!

This is my favorite part of the first day!  And i LOVE the first day! its a wonderful celebration of the amazing freedom we all experience getting to learn together and spend the days together and bond and all that stuff...  Gosh, i love my kiddos and love being a mom!  

Anyway, this year, I decided to copy everyone else in the blogosphere and use a slate, which we have 3 of, so we took turns writing them.  I wrote the twins and Leif's and mine of course.   Here's the results!  

So, click on the pictures for a closer view, and please excuse the wonky order.  i'm simply DONE wrestling with Blogger and its format. 

Twinnies!!! age 4

Chloe- 12, my beautiful daughter that refuses to smile! 

Alex, 18, 3rd yr of comm. college.  Had to use his own tablet :)

Annabeth- 9 barely smiling.  upset with me for making her brush her teeth. 

Nik-14 his retake after he accidentally wrote "8th grade"  LOL. 

Elliott- 4
Asher- 4

And me! defying my hatred of the camera to capture the moment.  

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