Thursday, June 13, 2013


Wanted to share a fun quarterly event in our family- the dreaded little boy haircuts!

Well, not so fun  Here's the money shot of the whole bunch  This was immediately before Ash head-butted Leif in the nose.  Elliott, having seeming Twintuition, you can see is a bit worried about Asher's mental state, and is staying clear.

Thankfully, before that we got some good pictures  On the above left is Elliott after a couple swipes of the hair cut thingy  have done their job  Elliott LOVES haircuts  Leif too, he loves looking like an "army guy" Since Leif is all about the army.  Ash- not so much, however, he DOES do much better with short hair, like Alex when he was little, i think it calms him down.  Below is Leif and Ash (right) and Leif and Elliott (left)

Leif and 

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