Thursday, June 13, 2013

eye appointments

Our idea of a "vacation" is hordes of appointments, and this one is no different  This week we focused primarily on eye appointments.  And Elliott WON.  He's the only one that didn't end up with glasses.   The kids see Dr. Baxstrom (or as my autocorrect on my ipod calls him, Dr. Vacation or Dr Backstroke!) Who is renowned all over the country as a developmental optometrist, which means that he doesn't just check their vision but also their tracking and binocularity, and other elements of healthy eye function.   Each one of their needs are different and their glasses reflect that

Alex goes by himself now... sniff..

Nik stayed the same, glasses all the time for nearsightedness.  But he's going back to seeing Judy again for neurological stuff
Little miss Chloe, not surprisingly, will be getting glasses for nearsightedness.  her right eye is SIGNIFICANTLY more nearsighted than the left and she's having pretty significant vision issues that will require visits to Judy, our vision therapist, to remedy.  She'll join Nik and Chloe in that.  Pretty soon Judy's going to have to have a "Kvenvolden kid day" twice a month :) 

Elliott is perfect! like usual :)
Leif is starting to have problems from too much close work, so he'll wear glasses for close work, reading, ipod, etc. 

Ash has a prescription to use to help him block out other stimuli.   Autistic kids can sometimes benefit from glasses to help their focus.  he'll wear glasses when doing close work or when we want him to focus better.

Annabeth needs glasses for reading, but today was a judy appointment, her vision therapist who helps her with a range of neurological issues  Annabeth REALLY needs to have a large trampoline, which is next on our large purchase list.  The difference between her with trampoline activity and without is phenomenal.  She's like tigger.  She just really needs that proprioceptive input.

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