Friday, November 5, 2010

So most of our plans have been adapted- a LOT this year. I completely gave up on homeschool tracker, when the trial was up i did not renew. I'm a paper person, i can deny it all i want, but it is what it is!

This week in art, i wanted to do something fallish, and what was on the front page of the art project for kids blog? this project!

Now, let me first say that formulaic art projects are NOT my bag. As an artist, i believe in drawing what you see! Creating from inside, not from drawing predesignated symbols. However, i DO think there are good thinking skills to be derived from following directions when creating, and i thought it would be a good refresher into the use of oil pastels. And i must say, the results were fabulous. the pictures don't even do them justice. What i think is remarkable is you really can't tell whose are whose based on age! Anyway, here they are!

Annabeth- age 7

Chloe- age 9

Nikolas- age 11

Alex- age 15

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