Monday, October 18, 2010

The farm at Swan Creek

We had quite a memorable experience this weekend, not even counting mom and dad's 16th anniversary! But the biggest FAMILY event of the weekend was our massive field trip to Snohomish! i'll include pictures as we have them!

First of all we were stopping at the farmers market on the way out of town to get some apples, and i bent over to pick up an apple and my back went "BOING!!!!!" which i know is a dumb description but that's EXACTLY what it felt like!!! I Was stuck bent over and very carefully stood up. After visiting the chiropractor at the booth one spot over, and confirming that i did indeed NEED an adjustment badly, we continued on our trip since we'd already bought our tickets via groupon and were meeting friends and weren't about to tell them we were bailing!

So we drove allllll the way to Snohomish, little over an hour and called the Kuhns who's adventure you can read about here on JoAnn's blog and we met them coming in. We got a GREAT parking spot, which i always like... i'm weirdly competitive that way!
Here are the twins, who we managed to get in their pumpkin hats just long enough to get a picture before they managed to get them off.

So we saw the Kuhn's waiting in line for lunch

and we went first to the hay maze. I waited outside with the twins and played solitaire while Asher FEROCIOUSLY tried to escape his stroller prison, which clearly we need to tighten!

Dad was inside the hay maze with the kiddos.

Then we stopped over to watch a duck race, it was very very cool. We still have no idea who won though, it was very crowded.

Elliott was a bit uncomfortable with the ducks

Then the kids played for a while in the play area

And then we visited the play thing full of CORN! it was AWESOME! Everyone except elliott liked it. He cried when he started sinking into the corn- oh and we didn't let asher go in it because he doesn't have any sense and i knew he'd eat it!

Then we met up with the Kuhns over at the hay climby thingies. and made one last potty trip before we went through the HUGE state of WA corn maze

This is Maddie, isn't she beautiful? I swear, she's got about the biggest personalithy i've ever seen in a 1`yo, and i've obviously not won her over yet, but it WILL happen!

Then we went to the corn maze by riding a trailer hitched to a giant tractor

And got our picture taken, all of both of our families (stolen from JoAnn)

then we walked ALL OVER the maze, splitting up into the mom group, and the dad group. we had all the girls, plus nik and Sam. We really did go ALL over. the dad group made it through quickly- they had the stroller.

So we finished that and took pumkin pictures! which was hard with the glare. I love the one of Josh and Leif, they are best buds, so sweet :)

Then the kiddos did some putting while i vegged out with the babies and andy

So after that the Kuhns left, and we stayed and TRIED to let nik and chloe fish, but they were sold out :-( And they cried, but not for long because it was petting zoo time!! and chloe got to hold a bunny, probably her favorite animal EVAH! And then one of the twins fed a couple bunnies his APPLE, oops... And Leif was thrilled because he not only got to pet bunnies too, but got to hang out with the CHICKENS! and we all know how Leif feels about CHICKENS! He went to each one and said "Hi! my name is Leif! What is your name? I don't think they answered him though. Annabeth was loving it all too, just loving it ALL, Nik was ready to go home, he was TIRED, Alex was a trooper and a great help throughout the whole thing. What a blessing he is! And i loved hanging with the alpacas

By then, we were pooped and picked up .39 tacos and went home to veg out!!!!!

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