Sunday, October 17, 2010

12 week holiday planner for the Christian family- product review

So i finally sat down today, ready to start working on my holiday binder for this year, vowing, yet AGAIN that this year will not find me scrambling, and behind and all around frazzled, come the various holidays that smack us square in the face this time of year!

I already owned a copy of her previous version, but Sheri Graham was kind enough to send me a copy of her new version of the 12 Week holiday planner to review, and I am so pleased and so eager to get started! (2 weeks behind, of course :-)) This fabulous ebook is 171 pages long, packed with easy craft ideas, recipes, calendars, menu plans, menu cards, and most importantly, I think anyway, week by week directions on what to do THAT week to make the holidays easier to tolerate, er.. uh... enjoy, i mean.

The planner starts October 3rd and stretches through January 8th, which is awesome. I have always had the experience that there's no gradual "let down" of Christmas- the radio IMMEDIATELY goes back to regular music, the stores take down their displays, its like BLAMO- marketing time is over, let's call it quits. But for me, its hard to switch gears that fast! i always loved when Hanukkah fell at the end of Christmas time, so we could still celebrate and ease out of it and ease into the looooong winter dreariness.

But anyway, if you are interested in checking out this amazing tool, you can find it here Oh, and i would recommend you also check out her amazing package deal she has here to get that plus 4 other ebooks that look really good for only about 3 dollars more! Awesome deal. Anyway, i'm eager to endorse this product as well as all others Sheri sells, she has the BEST products. She also has lots of great stuff on her blog. Here's a link to her main site Anyway, i'm looking forward to a peaceful holiday season this year! And I'm wishing you all the same!

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