Thursday, September 2, 2010

Our first art project!!!

Thanks so much to JoAnn who totally turned me on to the amazing ART SITE that we are now doing lessons from! Its a fantastic site with directions based on a particular artist, holiday, etc.

This week we learned about Friedensreich Hundertwasser, an Austrian painter and sculptor, lived from 1928-2000 and was known as the greatest Austrian painter of his time. He had a distinct personality, and his own individual quirks. He thought straight lines were evil, and even designed a building with floors that weren't even. He was also an avid environmentalist. We had a great time learning about him. They we did a self portrait- Hundertwasser style, complete with a round head, large eyes, a funky nose and pointed lips! Anna made Dad's in addition to her own, and Nik made the twins in addition to his own! I helped Leif with his form, and some of the features, and I drew anna's head shape and frame and she did the rest.

with no further ado.. here they are!!!!


  1. ohmygosh! these are so cool! are you using an art curriculum?

  2. hehe, nevermind...I re-read the first line :)

  3. hehe... yeah, we are also doing artistic pursuits 4-6, i bought that first, then decided i had to do this site too but when the book came, i decided we had to do that too, so we are having 2 units of art every week, instead of 1 :-)