Tuesday, September 14, 2010

the last few weeks...

I have been negligent in keeping up with my blogging! what can i say? I guess homeschooling 5 and keeping twin 1yo's alive is taking all my energy :-) but i do have some fun pics to share...

This is Elliott. We don't remember what he was laughing at, but I suspect it was my wardrobe!

This is Asher, He's at home outside. He's an outdoorsy kid and lately, its about the only thing that will make him happy, other than cuddling mommy to sleep, holding my ear.

The next couple pics are of us playing science with our AWESOMELY fun new curriculum! We have Astronomy right now, and will be doing several others through the year, thank you very much CVA!

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This is what my house looks like after i've been working with all the kids during our morning group school, babies run wild! elliott sneaks off with bananas frequently and eats them, sometimes WITH the skin, sometimes NOT! this time, thankfully was NOT!

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