Wednesday, August 4, 2010


The Old Schoolhouse magazine was generous enough to give a lucky blog reader of mine a set of MP3s from the Schoolhouse expo that just happened last May. It was AWESOME! The speakers included Susan Wise Bauer, Carol Barnier, Todd Wilson, and much more. My favorite sessions were the ones above but especially the one by Sue Patrick about her Workboxes which we are LOVING to use this year!!

So anyway, i have a set of these to give away, and what's cool for you all is that i do NOT have a large readership so you have a GREAT chance of winning! plus i'm ending the contest at noon pacific time tomorrow, Thursday, August 5th so enter quick!

So... for the contest, you need to guess how big I was when I was born, in pounds and ounces! Not really sure WHY, that just came to mind, so GO!!!


  1. First off LOVE SOTW. And I just got the schoolbox email, she sends it free to military families!!

    OK, I am going to guess you were a small baby and say 5 14 :)

  2. Funny. I'm doing a similar thing on my blog with guessing birthweight & all. Here's my theory. Children's birthweight is influenced by the parent's birthweight. I could only find the birthweight of your twins. 7 lbs. & 7 lbs. 13 ozs. So, given that they are twins, I'd add a bit to that. I'm gonna say 8 lbs. 1oz. :-)

    Feel free to come over and participate in my giveaway, too!


  3. Thanks Claudia, you are absolutely right! i'll disclose all the applicable weights at the end :-) i'd do it now but it wouldn't be fair to the already voted folks.