Friday, July 30, 2010

a GREAT promo!

The Old Schoolhouse magazine is running a VERY exciting special happening from now until August 1, only. Normally our two-year subscriptions are $39, but right now they are $17.95 AND anyone who subscribes for those two years will receive for FREE our Schoolhouse Expo to Go which is hours and hours of our recent (Spring) online convention recordings. Speakers like Susan Wise Bauer, Diana Waring, Todd Wilson, Mark Hamby, Deborah Wuehler, Andrew Pudewa, Carol Barnier, Amanda Bennett, and more are all YOURS, free with a two year subscription. Even just the sale price for the magazine is a fantastic deal but I have that convention recordings, (I attended live) And they are EXCELLENT! My favorite two were Diana Waring's seminar, whom I absolutely LOVE and Sue Patrick speaking about Workboxes, which i'm now fanatically trying to figure out how to make work in my house! So anyway, go check it out!


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