Thursday, May 9, 2013

Book Review- Tower of Babel, by Bodie Hodge

This upcoming school year, we are back to year 1 history- Ancients in our 4 year cycle.  I'd been planning the upcoming year and when hearing Master Books was looking for reviewers to review Bodie Hodge's new book "Tower of Babel, the cultural history of our ancestors" I was SUPER excited.  Unlike Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Chinese, etc. times,  the earliest history is a bit hard to cover, due to lack of written resources.   This book is a big step in the direction of remedying that problem.  

Check out the trailer for the book here- 

My thoughts on the book-- Author Bodie Hodge- who you can learn more about here- Did an amazing job bringing to life the history of the peoples of the tower of Babel.   This book is engaging and informative, seeking to answer, and succeeding, the questions:

How do you pronounce Babel?
Is the Tower of Babel real, and does it MATTER?
When and where did the scattering of peoples occur? Where?
What did the Tower look like?
How can all the languages currently in existence be accounted for?
What was the origin of writing?
What was the original language?

"Tower of Babel answers these questions and many more in ways I didn't even realize possible.  I just didn't realize all that information was "out there" it just isn't available in mainstream media.  I love the use of visual aides like diagrams, charts, pictures, etc.  For a visual person like me, this is very helpful for understanding complex information dense material.  Nonetheless, i found the book to be tenable, and particularly informative.  I plan to use it as a read aloud next year with all my school-agers, who will then be ranging from 2nd grade-9th.    

this book is published by Master Books, a division of New Leaf Publishing Group.  You can find the link up, packed full of other reviews for this book here-

Disclaimer-  I received this book as a free review copy in exchange for posting a truthful review.  The thoughts contained within this post are my honest opinion.

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