Monday, January 7, 2013

A quick glimpse of one moment in the first day of winter quarter

I think i'll post more "snapshot" like posts, in hope of actually DOING it.  time has been tight and i've been super, super busy lately... here's what's going on with us.   Much has changed this year, we are trying a bunch of new things, Before five in a row (elliott Leif) Five in a row (annabeth, Leif)  and easy peasy homeschool (Nik, chloe, Annabeth, MAYBE Leif)

Leif, Elliott and I just finished up working on our "before five in a row" reading "a carrot seed" We read the book, discussed the story, the plot, the moral, and today we focused on the art of the book. 

Chloe just finished sewing her owl, below, and finishing her easy peasy school, and is getting ready to work on her Saxon math- above, one of the few curricula which stayed the SAME for us! 

Nik, below is working on his easy peasy homeschool.

Annabeth is working on her triangle sentences/word maps for her therapy that her therapist is wanting her to work on for her learning disability issues. 

That's it! more to come later, but my computer is slow and its time to pick ash up from the bus! 

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